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Area Sales Consultant Positions

We have a team of dedicated self-employed sales consultants that work from home all over the country and earn high levels of commission by offering the most competitive vehicle leasing offers to local business and personal users.

This is a great opportunity that really works … Join us, learn and earn from a well-established brand and team.

Many of our sales consultants started on a part time basis, whilst either in other employment, full or part time, building up levels to go full time with us, others to just compliment existing business ventures or part time work they are involved in. Either way is fine with us, we give you all the support and resources to be successful, you decide how busy and successful you want to be.

You don’t need to have had an extensive sales background, either in this industry or elsewhere just the knowledge and aptitude that offering the most competitively price products in a clear and professional manner is the most vital requisites.

We will set you up with your own mini website, displaying your contact details, mirroring the deals on our main websites, the website domain will be setup something like http://www.leaseline-(your local town or area) your own personal shop window.

We will set you up with a Voice over IP phone and system that integrates into our phone system, giving you an extension number, so calls can be passed internally from our office and help is always on hand. (You will need your own home broadband connection to do this) all business phone calls would be paid for by us (fair usage applies). We will give you some virtual local and national phone numbers to help you with your marketing and to show you are a local.

We will supply you with a local business database for your area, which will include, contact names, phone number and email details to work on.

We can send out mass email marketing broadcasts on your behalf to your database if you wish.

We will supply you with the best special offers in the market and access to some of the largest car leasing company’s systems with full training, to generate user chooser quotes.

We will set you up with personalised stationary, business cards etc and email addresses presenting you as part of a professional organisation.

We will give you full setup support and ongoing industry training

We will pay you the highest level % of all commission sold by you. Enquire for details.

We will give you full ongoing admin support – you take a customer order and proposal form locally, send it to our Head office, we will process the credit, documentation and delivery, (keeping you informed all the time) when the vehicle has been delivered and commission paid we will transfer your share to your account, so we take care of credit control too. We can give you full holiday cover, so when you aren’t here your deals are still processed and delivered and can even take new orders for you if you wish. We have a couple of sales managers that have holiday homes around the world and take their IP phone and conduct business from those locations too.

We give you full access to many online systems and your own (LCM) client and supplier manager, enabling you to work your database to the full.

Where do we get our leads and enquiries from? - Each Sales consultant is responsible for generating leads and marketing is down to each individual for your area, so working and adding to your database with leaflet drops, e mail marketing, networking with local suppliers and groups, coupled with cold calling, joining local Networking breakfast meetings are proving extremely fruitful and because we are a whole of market broker and constantly loading the best offers in the market to your websites that self generates too over time. We are planning to do some group lead generating schemes where each sales consultant pays a small monthly amount into a central fund in return for enquiries, but there will be no obligation to use or join. Occasionally we are offered some exceptional manufacturers deals and heavy central e mail marketing follows, these again will be handed out to the field sales consultants, but these are a bonus.

Do we charge any set up costs? - Yes the is a small fee, which includes website, stationary, telephone and email setup charges. Enquire for details.

All we ask from you is to enjoy being your own boss, reap what you sow and follow our sales mangers agreement so looking after our good name.

Your success is ours